onsdag 2 september 2009

Second Life är inte snäll mot Herr Skriftställare

[RESOLVED] Many regions offline

Posted by Status Desk on September 2nd, 2009 at 09:04 am PDT

[RESOLVED 09:43am PST] Logins are open again, the Landstore and XstreetSL have been re-enabled, and all regions previously down are back up.

If you experience a slow log in, please try to ride one attempt through all the way rather than aborting and starting a new one as that will help keep load on the login servers down.

[UPDATE 09:15am PST] In a further attempt to help our database recover, the Landstore and XstreetSL have been disabled.

[UPDATE 09:06am PST] We have temporarily closed logins to alleviate load on our database. This problem also affects our asset servers, please do not rez any no-copy items at this time, or make any transactions as they may fail.

[Wednesday, September 02, 09:01am PST] Due to problems in one of our colocations, many regions are currently offline. Our engineers are already at work to fix this as soon as possible. We will update any news here as they become available.

Jaha, herr Skriftställare har haft sin loginbild gående den sista halvtimmen och så ber de honom att inte abortera pågående inloggning......

Nåväl trägen vinner och kommer herr Skriftställare inte in, så går han till Napoleon Johansson cafe och tager sig en Napoleonbakelse och en lättöl....

Resolved jo pyttsan....

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nappe o lättöl .. tror skriftställaren har fel på smaklöken ..

  2. Herr Skriftställare vill framhålla att den fantastiska brytningen mellan sött och bitterhet får smaklökarna krusa sig av förtjusning....